Clinical Tools

2018 Osteoporosis and Falls Assessment Tool

Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy’s updated version of the osteoporosis assessment tool based on the 2010 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Osteoporosis in Canada and the 2015 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Frail Elderly, which offer evidence-based screening and treatment recommendations for adults over 50 years.

Improvements include: integration into the electronic medical records (EMR) with the aim of improving osteoporosis-related care in family practice, calculating patient fracture risk, populating prior BMD scores as they are updated via the form and a more detailed pharmacotherapy section.

The updated version of the osteoporosis assessment custom tool was developed in partnership with QBIC (Quality Based Improvements in Care), The Centre for Family Medicine FHT eHealth Centre of Excellence, Waterloo, Ontario.

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2010 CAROC Fracture Risk Assessment System

Canadian Association of Radiologists and Osteoporosis Canada system for assessing basal 10-year fracture risk in women and men.

Calcium Assessment Tool

The Calcium Assessment Tool (CAT) is a validated instrument for assessing calcium intake in postmenopausal women in Canada. The validation study was published in the June 2011 issue of the Journal Maturitas.