CESHA Outreach Education Evening

Osteoporosis Outreach Education Evening is geared for family physicians, specialists, and other healthcare professionals who are involved in the care of patients with osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases. We invite internationally renowned speakers and experts in the field of osteoporosis to share insights on the newest imaging technologies and the most updated osteoporosis guidelines. Also included are engaging case discussion sessions and talks that address the most controversial topics in osteoporosis medicine. The event aims to reduce the osteoporosis care gap by educating physicians and raising awareness of the serious consequences of osteoporosis and fractures.

Here’s a list of our past events:

Neurological Disorders and Bone Health (2013)

Osteoporosis Symposium (2012)

Breast, Prostate & Bone (2012)

New Osteoporosis Guidelines – Shining the Light on Broken Bones (2011)

Caring for Bones – from Diagnosis to Treatment (2010)

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