Comparative Fracture Risk During Osteoporosis Drug Holidays After Long-Term Risedronate Versus Alendronate Therapy

A Propensity Score–Matched Cohort Study Abstract Background: An osteoporosis drug holiday is recommended for most patients after 3 to 5 years of therapy. Risedronate has a shorter half-life than alendronate, and thus the residual length of fracture protection may be shorter. Objective: To examine the comparative risks of drug holidays after long-term (≥3 years) risedronate … Continue reading Comparative Fracture Risk During Osteoporosis Drug Holidays After Long-Term Risedronate Versus Alendronate Therapy

November is Osteoporosis Month

November is Osteoporosis Month. Did you know 2 million women and men affected by osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a bone-related disease. It causes your bones to become porous and less dense over time, lowering your overall bone quality. These changes make your bones more prone to fractures and breaks. Our bones are constantly renewing themselves; old … Continue reading November is Osteoporosis Month


Dr. Aliya Khan, Dr. Heather Frame, Dr. Claudia Gagnon, Dr. Rowena Ridout, Dr. Lianne Tile and Dr. Sandra Kim Recommendations from Osteoporosis Canada Rapid Response Team Osteoporosis is a chronic condition which requires consistent pharmacologic intervention. There is currently no evidence that osteoporosis therapy increases the risk or the severity of COVID-19 infections. With the … Continue reading COVID-19 VACCINATION AND OSTEOPOROSIS DRUG THERAPY

COVID-19 Crisis Osteoporosis Management & Treatment Survey for Patients & Caregivers

In partnership with Osteoporosis Canada, we would like to hear from patients and caregivers about how COVID19 has changed their healthcare experiences and how patients are dealing with their osteoporosis during the pandemic. The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 15 minutes. Take the survey today Thank you.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is a new approach to health care based on an individual's unique molecular and genetic makeup. This allows for medical decisions to be tailored to each individual patient. For more information on personalized medicine, you can visit Health Insight to read an article about how clinical trials are helping to further the field … Continue reading Personalized Medicine

Behind Bone Imaging (Part 2)

Ever wondered how researchers find out detailed information about bone and surrounding tissue? If so, check out (by clicking) Part 2 of our series looking into some of the devices used in bone health research!

Osteoporosis Outreach

November is Osteoporosis Month!  Visit us at the annual Osteoporosis Outreach this week. We are helping hospital staff and visitors learn about how to assess risk for osteoporosis and fractures, and  what to do about reducing the risk.   Here is more about us: Osteoporosis Program, University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital: We play a … Continue reading Osteoporosis Outreach

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