What is Trabecular Bone Score (TBS)?

Trabecular Bone Score or TBS provides information about the quality of bone structure in the spine bone. This information complements bone mineral density measurement, and can be helpful to clinicians in determining fracture risk and discussing lifestyle management or treatment options with patients. It is conveniently measured during a standard bone density test. We are … Continue reading What is Trabecular Bone Score (TBS)?

Our Research – Does vitamin E help bone health?

Aging causes an increase in oxidative stress and inflammation in our bodies. Along with declining estrogen levels, these changes may lead to bone loss in postmenopausal women. The effects of estrogen on bone have been investigated in great detail, but not much is known about the effects of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances on bone. Since … Continue reading Our Research – Does vitamin E help bone health?

Dr. Angela Cheung has been awarded the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair

Congratulations to our director Dr. Angela M. Cheung for being awarded the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Musculoskeletal and Postmenopausal Health! The Canada Research Chair program attracts and retains the world’s most accomplished and promising scientists. The focus of Dr. Cheung's work is to improve the quality of life, health and healthcare of people … Continue reading Dr. Angela Cheung has been awarded the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair

Resources for healthy eating

There are many resources on the internet these days, but not all of them provide reliable, evidence-based information.  Check out some of the Reliable Resources that our Osteoporosis Program staff at the University Health Network and Mt Sinai Hospital use to help educate patients and blog readers.  Today's Reliable Resources are for healthy eating. Click … Continue reading Resources for healthy eating

Osteoporosis exercises

New Year, new beginnings and resolutions… Are you looking to move and exercise more this year to help prevent osteoporotic fractures? We applaud you! Physical activity is important for people with osteoporosis or low bone mass. It can help improve strength and balance, and prevent falls and injuries that lead to osteoporotic fractures. Are you … Continue reading Osteoporosis exercises

Osteoporosis in men

It's that time of the year when wearing a mustache is more than just a fashion statement - the Movember movement seeks to make a contribution to "men living happier, healthier, longer lives". Even though osteoporosis affects men less commonly than women, men are also burdened by it. To learn more about osteoporosis and maintaining healthy … Continue reading Osteoporosis in men

Osteoporosis vs. Osteoarthritis

An awareness about bone and joint health is being raised this week - the Bone and Joint Action Week (October 12-20).  As part of it, we'd like to share with you some information about two common conditions - osteoporosis and osteoarthritis - that some people mix up for one another. To learn more about osteoporosis … Continue reading Osteoporosis vs. Osteoarthritis

Detection of Spinal Fracture Survey

We invite you to participate in a research study called the Detection of Spinal Fracture Survey, conducted by Osteoporosis Canada and University Health Network. It involves a 25-question on-line survey that asks about individuals’ preferences about detecting spinal fractures. To learn more or to participate, visit: http://www.osteoporosis.ca/spinalfracture Please do not reply to this  post if … Continue reading Detection of Spinal Fracture Survey

Newsbites: September 2015

We hope that you had a nice summer! Here are some news and resources brought to you by the OsteoConnections, the official blog of the University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital Osteoporosis Program. OsteoConnections Check out the recently added patient education materials on our blog. Newsletter on bone health for men on hormone therapy … Continue reading Newsbites: September 2015

Newsbites: April 2015

Happy Spring everyone!  Here are some of the most recent news and resources that the University Health Network's Osteoporosis Program would like to share with you: Our group presented various topics at the 2015 Canadian Hip Fracture Management Conference that focused on providing the best available care to hip fracture patients.  There, we discovered resources … Continue reading Newsbites: April 2015