Behind Bone Imaging (Part 1)

Ever wondered how researchers find out detailed information about bone and surrounding tissue? If so, check out (by clicking) Part 1 of our series looking into some of the devices used in bone health research!

Osteoporosis and Eating Disorders

Do you or a loved one suffer from an eating disorder (ED)? EDs can have serious repercussions when it comes to bone health. To learn more please click the PDF below outlining the effect of an ED on bone health and the ways to reduce risk of osteoporosis for those suffering with an ED. In … Continue reading Osteoporosis and Eating Disorders

Osteoporosis and Spinal Cord Injury

Have you been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury (SCI)? SCIs happen through traumatic events such as motor vehicle accidents, falls, or sport injuries or non-traumatic events such as arthritis, inflammation, or cancer. Are you at increased risk for lower extremity fracture? (See page 2 of the PDF for a checklist). Educate yourself! You can help … Continue reading Osteoporosis and Spinal Cord Injury

Osteoporosis in men

It's that time of the year when wearing a mustache is more than just a fashion statement - the Movember movement seeks to make a contribution to "men living happier, healthier, longer lives". Even though osteoporosis affects men less commonly than women, men are also burdened by it. To learn more about osteoporosis and maintaining healthy … Continue reading Osteoporosis in men

Osteoporosis vs. Osteoarthritis

An awareness about bone and joint health is being raised this week - the Bone and Joint Action Week (October 12-20).  As part of it, we'd like to share with you some information about two common conditions - osteoporosis and osteoarthritis - that some people mix up for one another. To learn more about osteoporosis … Continue reading Osteoporosis vs. Osteoarthritis

Please don’t fall

Osteoporosis care is about preventing bone fractures. Fractures can be mainly prevented by keeping bones healthy and avoiding falls. Alarmingly, falls are becoming a serious issue, as showcased in the New York Times this week . Here are important take-home messages about falls!   FALLS ARE COMMON AND CAN HURT US BADLY Falls can cause … Continue reading Please don’t fall

Osteoporosis myths

  Osteoporosis is a disease that strikes us more often than we realize, and yet many of us remain in the dark on what it is and how it affects us.  Here are 7 common myths about osteoporosis debunked.   Myth #1: Osteoporosis is something to worry about when I am older Fact: It is … Continue reading Osteoporosis myths

Diet for Kidney Stones Prevention

Many of the UHN Osteoporosis Program patients ask our doctors: “Doctor, I am prone to kidney stones. I know I need calcium for my bone health, but I have heard that taking calcium supplements is bad for kidney stones. What should I do?” Some patients are also asking our doctors about foods high in oxalates, … Continue reading Diet for Kidney Stones Prevention

There’s more to vitamin D than meets the eye

Given the important role of vitamin D in bone health, in general, people with low levels of vitamin D in their blood have lower bone density and higher risk of fractures. One way to get vitamin D is from the sun; but because darker skin absorbs less UVB rays, the levels of vitamin D are … Continue reading There’s more to vitamin D than meets the eye

Calcium supplements

Many of our research and clinic patients have questions about calcium supplements, such as which form of calcium supplements to take and how much, and how to avoid common side effects such as constipation. Our nutrition researcher, Dr. Maryam S. Hamidi, answers these questions and offers other helpful information in the video below: You … Continue reading Calcium supplements