Nutritious March II

March 2015 is a national nutrition month!  Here is the second of four posts on this topic.  Join our 'march' towards healthy eating, by considering the  following shopping tips for a more nutritious living (provided by the Dietitians of Canada): By Dr Maryam Hamidi

Diet for Kidney Stones Prevention

Many of the UHN Osteoporosis Program patients ask our doctors: “Doctor, I am prone to kidney stones. I know I need calcium for my bone health, but I have heard that taking calcium supplements is bad for kidney stones. What should I do?” Some patients are also asking our doctors about foods high in oxalates, … Continue reading Diet for Kidney Stones Prevention

There’s more to vitamin D than meets the eye

Given the important role of vitamin D in bone health, in general, people with low levels of vitamin D in their blood have lower bone density and higher risk of fractures. One way to get vitamin D is from the sun; but because darker skin absorbs less UVB rays, the levels of vitamin D are … Continue reading There’s more to vitamin D than meets the eye

Calcium supplements

Many of our research and clinic patients have questions about calcium supplements, such as which form of calcium supplements to take and how much, and how to avoid common side effects such as constipation. Our nutrition researcher, Dr. Maryam S. Hamidi, answers these questions and offers other helpful information in the video below: You … Continue reading Calcium supplements

New publication for gout patients

Many patients who visit our osteoporosis clinic also have gout, a painful type of inflammatory arthritis. In order to help them manage their illness, we recently produced and published an info sheet outlining important dietary considerations for people with gout. You can find it on our Patient Materials page or click the image on the left. … Continue reading New publication for gout patients

Vitamin K and bone health (part 2)

In our last post, we introduced the different types of vitamin K and their dietary sources, and we also noted that vitamin K has some important functions in maintaining our bone health. The question then arises: can taking vitamin K supplements protect us from osteoporosis and fractures? Our knowledge on whether vitamin K is involved … Continue reading Vitamin K and bone health (part 2)