Newsbites: September 2015

We hope that you had a nice summer! Here are some news and resources brought to you by the OsteoConnections, the official blog of the University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital Osteoporosis Program. OsteoConnections Check out the recently added patient education materials on our blog. Newsletter on bone health for men on hormone therapy … Continue reading Newsbites: September 2015

Newsbites: April 2015

Happy Spring everyone!  Here are some of the most recent news and resources that the University Health Network's Osteoporosis Program would like to share with you: Our group presented various topics at the 2015 Canadian Hip Fracture Management Conference that focused on providing the best available care to hip fracture patients.  There, we discovered resources … Continue reading Newsbites: April 2015

Osteoporosis Program Report

The Osteoporosis Program was recently profiled in the UHN Arthritis Program Clinical and Research Report. The report highlights our fracture care and prevention study, The Bridge Study, and shows how our outreach through social media is helping to raise awareness of osteoporosis. Click on the image below to read the full report.   To support the … Continue reading Osteoporosis Program Report

Latest bone health information Jan 2014

Novel Osteoporosis Drug Could Change Treatment: Study  "A new medication for osteoporosis prompts the body to rebuild bone and could potentially strengthen the skeleton against fractures, researchers report. The experimental drug, romosozumab, frees the body's ability to stimulate bone production by blocking biochemical signals that naturally inhibit bone formation, explained Dr. Michael McClung, founding director of … Continue reading Latest bone health information Jan 2014

Latest news articles and research Jan 2014

In an effort to continue to bring our readers the most relevant news regarding bone health and related issues, we're starting a new blog post category called 'News roundup.' We'll provide you with the links to interesting research and news articles. Even though we may not be able to break down the evidence and evaluate … Continue reading Latest news articles and research Jan 2014